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Health Diagnoses, Add new / Edit (Update) or Delete

Add a Health Diagnoses whenever a puppy or dog has a condition that needs to be treated or monitored.

To add a health diagnoses using the Vet tab, follow these steps.

  1. Under [Vet] tab on main menu, a drop down box will appear. Click on [Individual Dog Vet Care]. Do a search for the dog you wish to enter a diagnoses for (you can get full ‘search’ instructions here. Link to be added). Fill in the dog’s name into the search field to the left of the screen. A box will appear with the names of all dogs that include the searched name. Click on the correct dog’s name.
  2. Once dog’s file comes up on the screen, select the [Show Details] icon to the left of the dog’s name.
  3. Select the [Health Diagnoses] tab
  4. This will then show all previous diagnoses entered, if any. Allowing you to edit or Add new. In this case, you want to select [Add new]
  5. To enter a new Health Diagnoses, enter the Diagnoses Date (A) using the calendar icon or the individual Month, Day, Year drop down menus.
  6. Next, click [Select] in blue under the Diagnoses field.     
  7. This will prompt a search for diagnoses. Enter the keyword in the search bar in the top right corner. Select the diagnoses match from the list that appears. (A) And then click the [Search] icon (B).
  8. Add as many details as possible. However the only required fields are [Diagnoses Date] and [Diagnoses]. Details (Here you can add more detailed notes about diagnoses), Measure 1(Right) and Measure 2 (Left) – indicate if only one side affected by in an example of an ear infection, maybe the left ear is ‘normal’ and right ear has yeast+2
  9. Scroll down to Data Recommended – Not Required to add even more detail. Measure type is the method they used to diagnoses so in this example of an ear infection, a ‘cytology’ for example may have been done. Indicate [Who Diagnosed], was it the vet or a staff member?, enter if it was a confident diagnoses (was it diagnosed by a vet, or based on symptoms? Enter the body Part affected from the drop down menu.  Depending on the diagnoses, in the example of Health Clearances, you may have a Registry name (Such as OFA) and Certificate Number for the clearance. You can enter that as well. 
  10. Once all the entry is complete that you have info for (you can come back and edit this later), Click [Save] at the bottom of your screen.
  11. Your diagnoses will now appear in a list on the screen with other diagnoses previously entered.


If you added a duplicate entry or an entry was entered incorrectly, you can either delete or edit the entry.

To delete a health diagnoses, find the diagnoses in the list under Health Diagnoses tab and check the blank box to the left in the row you wish to delete. This will prompt the [Delete] button to be highlighted. Click Delete and confirm in the pop up window you wish to delete the entry.

To edit an entry’s details you can find the health diagnoses in the list under the Health Diagnoses tab, click the [edit] pencil icon to the left in the row you wish to edit. This will prompt the details page of the diagnoses to appear. Edit whatever information is needing to be edited, and click [Save] when finished editing.


If a diagnosis is entered incorrectly and you wish to update or edit the diagnosis,

  1. Select [Health Diagnosis All Data] tab.
  2. From the list that diagnoses that appear in the list, click the [empty box] beside the diagnosis you want to update.
  3. Click the [Update selected] button. From there

You can also Attach documents (pdf’s, photos, etc.) to a diagnosis. See article on PDF’s, Photos, etc. here. Link to be added soon.