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Split Heat (Split Estrus)

Split Heat (Split Estrus)
Split Heats are typically considered to be within
 4 weeks from the date the estrus stopped to the date it resumes or
 5 weeks if counting from the date from estrus start to resuming of a split heat.

If the time period between the start of the estrus to the restart of estrus is &gt;5 weeks, then enter a new
estrus record.  Dogs with frequent heat cycles &lt;5 months typically have a fertility issue and should be
seen by a reproductive specialist to determine the reason.
If a brood that has not fully progressed through the stages of estrus and suddenly stops showing the
signs of estrus then weeks later resumes her estrus, it is likely that she is having a ‘split heat’. Dogs will
typically resume their estrus again within 3 to 4 weeks and experience a normal estrus.

1. It is likely that you have already completed the estrus by clicking data complete. If that is the
case then you will need to reactivate this estrus if the brood resumes here estrus within 4 weeks
from the first estrus start date. If the estrus is still in the Enter New Estrus &amp; Whelp page then
proceed to step 3


2. To reactivate the estrus if it resumes within 4 weeks from the first estrus start date. Go to
Completed Estrus Whelps & Pup Entry; Estrus and edit the record by unclicking Data Complete. This makes the
estrus show up again on your Estrus and Whelpings list.


3. Enter the date the estrus resumed in the field Date Restarted After ‘Split Heat’. IWDR will use
this date to calculate the next date that estrus is due as well as update the interestrus interval