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Genetic Test Panel

The IWDR allows you to input test result data for entire genetic panels, rather than just single genetic tests (although single tests can still be entered – see Genetic Test Quick).

Note: You will only see genetic test panels appropriate for your dog’s breed. If your genetic test does not appear, or an item within the test does not appear, please submit a support ticket indicating which test/item is missing, and what website we can use to find the specific test information required to add it to the IWDR.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a video walkthrough!

How to add Genetic Test Panel information into the IWDR

  1. Navigate to your MyDogs area and search for your dog.
  2. Expand your dog’s details and find the “Genetic test panel” tab

3. Click “Inline add”

4. Click “Select” under the box in the “What” column. This opens up a new window which allows you to search through all possible genetic test panels for your dog’s breed. Find the panel and click on its name to select it.

5. Enter the Sent date (more info on this below). Click on the black calendar icon beside the date field to select the correct date, or, set it to today’s date.

6. Save the record by clicking the checkmark on the left. You should see this confirmation pop-up:

7. The database will then generate a list of records depending on the genetic test panel you chose. Click on the yellow button under the “Genetic test panel” tab.

8. This opens up a list of all possible results from the genetic test panel you chose. They are colour-coded for convenience (green = clear/low risk; yellow = carrier/moderate risk; red = “affected”/high risk), To update your dog’s panel results, edit the appropriate item and then click the checkbox to select the result:

You may update multiple items at once by editing the row and then selecting the checkbox. When you’re done, make sure to click “Save all” so you don’t lose your progress. You do not need to enter all results at once. Additionally, you can only choose one result per test item.

9. Once you’ve finished entering your test results, go back to the Genetic Test Panel tab in MyDogs (or click the yellow button again to close your panel). Edit the panel, review your sent/received dates as required. Then, under the “Ready to Create Diagnoses” column, click choose “Yes” and save (check mark on the left).

10. Once you save the record, the database will generate Diagnoses and a Procedure for your dog based on the genetic test panel results.

Important: The database runs a script each night to update the genetic results of your dog’s progeny based on the genetic test panel data. If you make an error in your genetic test panel data, please contact us ASAP so we can fix it and prevent the database from incorrectly altering your dog’s progeny data.

How to use the Sent and Received dates

The genetic panel entry allows you to record 2 dates: sent and received. You can use one or both of these dates to track your genetic test panel process.

The “Sent” date can be used to indicate that a test has been ordered (or samples have been sent away), but results have not come back yet.

The “Received” date can be used to indicate when results have returned.

If you don’t need to track both of these dates, just enter a date in the “Sent” field (e.g. today’s date) so you can complete the process.

Video Walk-through