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Breeder Host & Care – Assign a Veterinarian

Breeder Host & Care

Multiple tabs are available to help you view and add information on your breeders under their breeder hosting file.

1.To assign a veterinarian to a breeder

  1. a) First on the line of the breeder you wish to select and add/edit information, click the [Show Details] icon.

1. b) Next, select the tab [Assign Veterinarian]

Then click on the [Inline Add] button

2. Inline Add:

2.a) Type part of the name of the veterinary hospital or vet, if no match you will have to create a record. You only have to create a record for a perosn or organization once.

2.b) Select the Start Date

2.c) Enter any comments you wish to add in this field.

3. After all data is entered, click Save (Check mark) or [Save all] button.