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Status Detail

A Status is a detail of data that allows you to track what stage of the training a puppy or dog is in.

It is used at the start when a puppy is first born or a dog is entered new into the database, and then updated with each new change in their status.

To add or update a status detail follow these steps.

1. Go to the [Manage Your Dog’s Data] and select [MyDogs], OR Click on [MyDogs] Quick tab.

2. To change the status of a dog in your program, select the dog in the search field.

a) Start typing name in the search field

b) Click the search (magnifying glass) button

c) Click the Edit button next to the dog’s name you want to change.


3Under the Edit icon (Pencil), Scroll down to Status In Owner’s Program (a), select the new status from the drop down list. After a new status is selected, change the date to the New Status Date. It does not have an asterisk, but it will prompt you before saving if not changed.

a) Status  in Owner’s Program: The system is set to auto save as Neonate, when a new puppy is entered under Estrus and Whelps, and DOB will be entered as the status change date. If a puppy is stillborn, or dies shortly after birth, you must change the status details to reflect this.

b) New Status Date: Whenever [Status in Owner’s Program] is changed, it will prompt you to change the date, you can back date if change is ma

c) New Status Comments: Stored in status history, only owner sees. And ongoing, so you can add to  previous comments.

4. Once completing all fields, click [Save] at the bottom of the page.