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Communications Activities

Communications Activities is used to track communications with volunteers or people involved with a Puppy Raising Active Status. Types of communications can vary from Attended Orientation to a Boarding Request, or even an unannounced visit.

To record communications:

  1. Go to Juvenile Development
  2. Select Puppy Raising Active
  3. Search the dog you wish to add communications to their profile
  4. Click [Show Details] icon (table)
  5. Click [Communications]
  6. Click [Add new]
  7. Next, the Communications Activity window will appear.
  8. Next fill the fields required.
  9. (a) Date – enter the date the activity occurred
  10. (b) Activity –
  11. (c) Person – enter the person the communication is with.
  12. Next, enter other not required data, if you have it.  (d) Program Dog is In (e) Notes (f) Reported By (g) Location (h) Requires FollowUp (i) Assign FollowUp To (j) Due Next (k) Confidential
  13. Be sure to click [SAVE] once all the data needed is entered.
  14. All communications activity for the dog will appear in the Communications tab once saved.
  15. You can delete communications as required, click the box beside the date you wish to complete, and select the [Delete] button. Confirm by clicking OK in the pop up window.