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Alerts can be a great resource for alerting staff to medical, behavioral, or other red flags for various issues that don’t fall under the dog’s medical or behavioral reasons.

To begin, follow steps on searching / selecting the dog with which you would like to add/edit their file.

Once selected, follow these steps…

1.Select the [Show Details] icon to the left of the dog’s name.

2. Select the tab for [Alerts]


3. Click [Add new]

4. A pop-up window will appear where you will enter/select the following:

4.a. Enter [Date]

4.b. Enter [Alert Category] – Choices in the drop-down menu are Behavioral, Email, Text, or Red Flag.

4.c. Enter [Alert Type] – Depending on the Category you chose, you will then have specific options to select in the this drop-down.

  • Behavioral – Car Sick, Cat Socialization, Caution When Handling, Red Flag
  • Email, Text, Red Flag –
  • Medical – Allergy to Drug, Avoid Certain Food

4.d. Enter [Notes] – this field is not required to enter anything, but it is a place you can provide any additional information you have regarding the alert here

4.e. Enter [Who Created?] – select a person or organization that created the alert, if not already in the system; you will need to select [Add new] and add them at this point.

5. Click [Save] at bottom of page.

6. Once saved, your alerts will appear in a list (below the [Add new] button) in this tab.

As well a ‘Bell’ Icon will appear under the category, either Behavior or Medical of which it was entered. The number in brackets indicates how many alerts.

7.  To view an alert, you can either click on the tab [Alerts] to show them in the list OR click on the [Alert] Bell icon. 

8. It is possible to Delete, Edit, or add attachments to an Alert.

8.a. To edit an Alert, click on the main [Alert] tab, and click on the blue square to the left in the row of the alert you wish to edit. To [view record] / view the alert, without the option to edit, you can select the [View Record] icon (the magnifying glass).

8.b. To Delete an Alert, click on the empty box to the left of the Alert row you wish to delete. This will activate the [Delete] button, click on [Delete] and confirm you wish to delete by clicking [OK]. Or you can click on the [Alert] Icon (bell), find the [Alert] you wish to delete. And select [Delete Alert] at the bottom of the page. Confirm you wish to delete as above.



8.c. To add an attachment to an [Alert], Select [Activity Attachments], Select [Add new] or [Inline Add], when the menu appears – Enter Type*, Date*, Description*, and click the [Add files] button. This will prompt you to upload your pdf, or photo. Once uploaded, click [Save].