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Health History Report

To begin, follow steps on searching / selecting the dog with which you would like to work on.

Once the dog is selected, follow these steps…

1.Select the [Show Details] icon to the left of the dog’s name.

2. Select the [Health History] tab.

3. Clicking on the full tab will give you a full list of everything in the record to date.

You can then sort the columns by clicking on the heading of the column you wish to sort by.


4. To generate a report to print or save, begin by clicking the square icon (with the arrow) in the tab.

5. On this next screen, decide what you would like to include in your pdf.

5.a. It may be helpful to select show [All] items if there are more than that will fit on one page. You can find this drop down in the top right corner next to the Generate PDF button.

     5.b. On the left side of the screen, near the top you can select from a drop down menu of procedure categories. Once you make a selection, click the search button.

      5.c. Just below this, a column of [Type] diagnosis categories will allow to select specific diagnosis by category. Click the top box beside the word [Type] to uncheck all the boxes, then recheck the ones you want. Or if you only want to take a few categories, uncheck the boxes you wish to remove. When done making the selections, click [Apply] at the bottom.

5.d. You can then sort your selections by the column headings once again, if needed. Simply click on the heading you wish to sort.

6. Once your selections are made, click on the [Generate PDF] button.

7. A document will then be generated that you can either print or save as a pdf for a hard file or sending with the dog when the dog is travelling.

The document will display the dog/s full call/pedigree name, DOB & Age, Breed, Gender, Microchip number, and the Status in Owner’s Program.