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Technical Information, Support and Troubleshooting

Technical Information

  1. MySQL relational database, open-source software owned by Oracle
  2. File structure based on successful approach used by guide dog organizations to calculate EBVs and manage guide dog school functions
  3. Linux servers- data on separate server than the user interface. Linux software upgraded regularly.  Servers are on Digital Ocean – 7 data centers.  IWDR data is in Toronto Canada.
  4. Back-ups daily

Support & Troubleshooting

IWDR Support:

  1. Report database functionality issues to support@iwdr.org. Provide details on what page you were in, what dog and what function you were doing.  If there was an error message, please capture a print screen of it.  You will be notified when the issue has been fixed.
  2. ABC Members should contact ABC to connect with experienced in IWDR users through the ABC IWDR Facebook for general questions

Reporting Problems:

If you find a duplicate dog, please report it to IWDR support at support@iwdr.org.


  1. The IWDR DogID, is indicated after searching for the dog and going to it’s ‘Edit’ menu. It is also listed in the dog’s information adjacent to the ‘Show Details’ icon or after ‘Alerts’ – Example: MyDogs: Edit [42358]
  2. Information on which data is correct in each pedigree. We will fix the record and all related record


If there are basic data changes needed to complete or correct publicly available data for this dog, email the owner to ask them to make the changes.

  1. Search for the owner’s email by going to the blue tab on the main menu for People/Organizations
  2. Select >> Public People & Orgs
  3. Enter Organization or person’s name, if public; in [Display Name] tab, click [Search]
  4. If there is no email, then send your request to support@iwdr.org and an administrator can make those changes.


Negative health data can only be entered by the owner. As part of the Use Agreement for IWDR, all users agree to enter only accurate information.