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Exporting Frozen Semen

There are no hard and fast rules on canine semen shipping as conditions vary so markedly from country to country.  Some countries require numerous blood tests and veterinary exams at specific time periods before or after semen collection.  This requires planning and some additional costs for the school doing the freezing.

An excellent website for identifying the current regulations for shipping canine semen internationally is www.aphis.usda.gov/vs/ncie/. Some countries, however, do not have regulations in place for the importation of canine semen.  Note that canine semen is treated as “Animal Export” rather than “Animal Product” which deals in meat, hides, etc. 

When planning to export semen to another country, it is imperative that the import regulations are complied with completely.  The recipient of the semen should be responsible for providing the shipper with all current importation regulations.  Many countries have not dealt with the importation of canine semen, so their regulations are lax or non-existent.  Either way, obtain all information possible in writing.  Regulations change all the time, so make sure you have the most current information.

If at all possible, use “vapor/dry” shipping containers rather than “wet” ones.  Vapor/dry shipper wick the liquid nitrogen into an absorbent liner, which stores it as vapor rather than liquid.  Therefore, there is no LN2 to spill.  Wet shippers are at the mercy of the handling in transit.  Because the coolant is still in liquid form, tipping over can spill the LN2 and ruin the shipment.  Wet shippers also have to be shipped as “Dangerous Goods”, incurring more costs and regulations.  There is also a longer hold time (15-21 days) with the vapor shippers ensuring that, even in the event of a delay, the semen will still be frozen when it arrives after scheduled.  When purchasing a shipping tank, take into consideration the size, weight, and straw capacity, as shipping costs are somewhat dependent on size and weight. 

Commercial shipping agencies, although costly, are highly recommended.  They can review all paperwork, from both an export and import standpoint, thus forestalling possible problems.  It is possible to ship semen into some countries (those with more lax requirements) as checked baggage, provided that you have made all necessary arrangements in advance to deal with the customs clearances. 

World Courier was recommended as a commercial agent by Guide Dogs Victoria of Australia.  Guiding Eyes for the Blind USA has also used World Courier successfully for six shipments.

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