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Share my dog data to another organization

How to share your dog data

You can now share your dog data without another organization requesting it first.

1. From MyDogs, search for the dog you want to share.

2. Click to expand your dog’s details and click on the “Share my dog data” tab.

3. Click on Inline Add

4. In the “Organization to share with” field, start typing the name of the org you wish to share to. A drop-down list will load. Select the organization’s name from the list.

5. Select a “User to notify”. If you leave this blank, all users (with the capability – see more below) from that organization will be notified.

6. Add any notes.

7. Change “Permission granted” to YES and save the record. If you change this back to NO, the share will be revoked.

8. All done! The other org should be automatically notified of the share.

How to get your name to show up on the "User to notify" list

This must be done by the recipient organization’s admin user.

  1. Click on Admin (in the top navigation menu) and choose “Manage our users”
  2. Click the pencil icon beside the user whom you wish to grant permission to receive share data.
  3. Change “Authorize OK Share Dog Data” to YES
  4. Save the record
  5. Now, this user’s name will appear in the “User to notify” list when other organizations are sharing dog data to you.

Share your dog data to another organization - video walkthrough