Thank you for your interest in having your working dog organization use the International Working Dog Registry (IWDR) database.  Users are able to enter a large volume of data including dog data, dog status histories, breeding, veterinary medical care, relationships of people and dogs and PDFs and photo storage IWDR maintains privacy by restricting access to data by dog owner and in some cases, dog breeder. Inbreeding is regularly calculated for the entire database and test matings can be planned with immediate calculation of inbreeding on the proposed litter. Data can be viewed or exported using powerful search filters. The IWDR User Manual is available and user support is provided through a ticket system by sending an e-mail to

Since IWDR is unaffiliated with any kennel club or breed registry, there is no restriction by breed on what dogs can be entered. This makes the IWDR a convenient place to record information about all working dogs, even mixed-breed and non-registered (“pedigreed”) dogs. Furthermore, this information can come from breeders, veterinarians, trainers, and even from each dog’s owner.

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