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Equipment, Add new – under Training Active

To enter Equipment, there are a couple places you can do this.

Begin by selecting the dog in training you wish to edit. (See here – link will be added soon)

Then follow these steps…

  1. Click [Show Details] tab of the dog you wish to add Equipment.
  2. Click on Equipment tab
  3. Click on Add New or Inline Add (Either will allow you to add new info to the fields).

2. Enter the required fields (marked with the red * asterixis)

  • *Type & Size
    • If you do not see the equipment / person needed listed as a selection, click on [Add new] in blue under the field to enter a new piece of equipment to your list or a person to your ‘My People’. It will then appear moving forward.
  • *Date provided – the date the equipment was transferred to the ‘Person Issued to’ – if the equipment is set aside for pick up, enter this date. If not picked up by agreed date, either delete or edit ‘Date provided’
  • *Person Issued to – the person who received the equipment (usually the raiser)
  • Issued By – the staff member who issued the equipment
  • Date Returned – when equipment is returned you can enter this date

  • Click [Save]


Another way you can get to this…

  1. Select [Edit] (the Pencil icon) in the row of the dog in training you wish to add equipment to.

2. This will bring you to the edit page.

3. Scroll down the page until you see the blue bar labelled Equipment [Add new] [Inline Add]

4. Next, Click [Add new]

5. Enter the required fields as stated in the previous instructions above.

6. Click [Save]