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Juvenile Estrus

Which dogs:  Use Estrus Juvenile tab for female dogs that are still status detail puppy raising, training and any other status detail that  is NOT status detail of  1) breeder active 2) breeder retired  3) evaluation as breeder (look up the actual wording).

Tip: Use Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony] & then select [Enter New Estrus & Whelp for dogs that  breeders active or retired or status detail of evaluation as a breeder.

How all estrus dates are combined when dog is in the breeding program:   

Breeder estrus records are automatically created when a female’s status detail is edited to  1) breeder active 2) breeder retired  3) evaluation as breeder.   This is only done once and the first time the status detail is edited to any of the 3 status details of a female being in the breeding program.   Any estrus entered after the dog is in the breeding program are NOT moved over.   Be sure the diagnoses are entered before changing the female’s status detail to one of the breeder status details.   Simply breeding the dog without changing the status detail does NOT move the diagnoses over.

How to enter a juvenile estrus record:   The [Estrus Juvenile] tab can be found under each IBC CoOp (EBC, OBC, ABC), or My Dogs. As well you can find it under Juvenile Development menu> Puppy Raising.

  1. First go to Manage Your Dog’s Data and select the relevant Coop tab or My Dogs.
  2. Then [Search] the dog you are wanting to add the estrus record to.
  3. Once the dog is selected, Click the [Show Details] icon (3 line table)
  4. Click on the [Estrus Juvenile] Tab

Tip:  the Estrus Juvenile tab is also available in puppy raising active and training pages for IWDR users with full IWDR functionality.

  1. The [Estrus Juvenile, Add new] screen will appear. Enter the details required (Red astrisk), as well as any not required data, if you have it. The ‘date started’ or [Diagnosis Date] is the only requirement unless it is a split heat.  If normal estrus leave this blank. Enter any [Details] on the estrus you wish to track, such as abnormal behaviours during estrus. Be sure to click [Save] when done entering all the info.
  2. All estrus cycles entered will appear on the [Estrus Juvenile] tab page
  3. To delete an inaccurate entry in Estrus Juvenile, Check the box beside the date you wish to delete, and then click the Delete button which will appear once checked. Confirm [OK]