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EPBC – My Broods

My Broods allows you to view all your brood dogs listed in one place along with their relevant EPV clearance scores.

To view go to…

1. Go to [Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony] on the main menu. Select [My Broods] from the drop-down list.

2. Select [Add new]:

You can select dogs that are:

1. Not already on My Dams and dogs whose program is not Birth Up To Puppy Raising

2. Owned or bred your organization OR you have requested the owner to Share this dog’s data and they approved your request.

To request sharing, go to All Dogs or its equivalent tab, select the dog then find the details tab labeled Request Share (link to article coming soon)

Select [Brood] by typing in name (she must already be in the IWDR), Add any [Notes] you wish to add. Click [Save] when finished.

3. You can also search for a brood by using the field tables at the left of the screen to do a search.

Enter any of the details you wish to search for, the more details you add the narrower the search. Click [Search] at bottom of field table to get results.

4. In the same line of the brood you wish to view, you can easily view Repro Data Brood and IBC My Dog Relationships by clicking on the [Show Details] icon. Or by clicking on the bubbles to the right.


5. The ‘Red’ bubble will show the Repro Data Brood tab. Here you can view Estrus Start dates, as well as edit / view repro data. You can [Edit] Repro Data Brood data by clicking the Edit (pencil) icon. This will allow you to chnage the statis of the next estrus (Breed next time)


When on the Repro Data Brood, Edit Screen the follwoing information can be entered…

A. Breed Next

B. Retirement Pending

C. Whelp Rating

D. Fertility Rating

E. Interval estimate timings

F. Reproduction Notes

G. Retirement Notes

6. You can also view [IBC My Dog Relationships] the dog may have had or has by clicking on the brown bubble, then the IBC My Dog Relationships tab.

7. You can delete a dog from [My Brood]. To do this, click the box next to the broods’ name you wish to delete. This will activate the [Delete] button at the top of the list. Click [Delete]. Then click [OK] button on the pop-up window to confirm you want to delete.