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What is the IWDR?


The mission of the International Working Dog Registry is to provide an affordable, world-accessible working dog record keeping system that enables the calculation of estimated breeding values on important health and behavior traits for a breed.

What advantages does the IWDR provide?

In the past, the ability to use Estimated Breeding Values was available only for larger working dog organizations such as The Seeing Eye and Guiding Eyes for the Blind. By combining data using common measures from organizations of any size, EBVs will include data on all relatives thereby making these tools available to any organization.  

IWDR can be used by working dog organizations and any group of breeders who wish to combine their data and function as a data cooperative, which can include breed clubs. The privacy of all individual data will be carefully maintained.

What sets IWDR apart from other online cloud-based registries and pedigree databases? 

IWDR users:

    • Immediately connect to a well-organized relational database living in the “cloud”,
    • Utilize standardized coding lists to capture health and behavior measurements, regardless of what language is commonly spoken in any given organization,
    • Both large & small organizations can use Estimated Breeding Values,
    • In larger organizations can identify superior outside dogs for genetic diversity using EBVs and a selection index

IWDR is owned by the non-profit IWDBA. It is organized to be present for many decades into the future. IWDR is accessible from wherever a user can obtain an internet connection. IWDR can be accessed from a cellphone, tablet, or computer.