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Early Development, Pups Not Placed Yet

Early Development, Pups Not Placed Yet is a place where you can see all your dogs still in or about to start their training with a status of Neonate, Puppy Raising Active, or Puppy Available for Raising.

To start:

1. Click on [Early Development]

2. And then select [Pups Not Placed Yet] from the drop down menu.

3. Once you are on this screen you will see a list of all your dogs with the status’s as mentioned above.

4. You will also be able to search in left column by entering Sex so you can search for all Males or Females, by call Name, Breed, Dog.

Or you can scroll further down in the left column to select the specific criteria by Breed your organization has, Status detail, or by Puppy Raising Region.

5. Once you have your list of pups you are wanting to view, from this screen you can edit individual pups or see their details.

     a. Edit or Inline Edit

     b. Show details – Here you can view specific tabs and [Add new] or view Health Diagnoses, Procedures, Behavior Checklist, or the Health History Report

6. When selecting either option for a. (Edit) – a pop up window will appear allowing you to edit the info shown) or b. (Inline Add – will provide a line selection with the same options.

7. In the first section, any information already in the system will show readily. Here is another place you can edit the puppy raising region, or fill in missing information for microchip type or number.

8. Change Status: This next section is one of the places you can edit the status details.

     a. Status Change Date

     b. Change the Status Detail

     c. Add Status Change comments

     d. & e. Add End Reason 1 or 2 by selecting from the options in the drop down menu

9. Procedures: In this section, it gives you another option to add new procedures. Click on Add New to start the process of adding a new procedure.

10. We Consider Breeding: In this last section, you can change the consider breeding from No to Yes, or Yes to No.

11. With any changes made to any of the above sections, be sure to click [Save]. If no changes made, you can click [Back to list].