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S&R – Behavior Checklist All

Search and Reports can provide quick access to create and view a report for export/printing if you choose to do so.

To begin, Select Searches & Reports in the main menu.

Next you will select the report needed from the drop down list.

The [Behavior Checklist All], report will make it possible to pull up all behavior checklists from specific search criteria.

To begin, Select [Behavior Checklist All] from the drop-down menu.

Next in the column to the left, select the criteria you wish to search. The search could includ…

By [Dog], [BCL Type] (meaning the type of test done), the [Work Type], [Breed], [Litter designation], by the [Sire] or [Dam], you can also select dogs who [We consider breeder] or that the [Coop consider as breeder], [Status Details], [Comparison Score], or [BCL Done].

Select [Search] at the bottom, once selection is made.

When wanting to search by BCL Type, and wantingto multiselect types, scroll a little ways down and you will see a list of all the types. At the bottom is the [Multiselect] button. By clicking this, it will allow you to select more than one type to search.

Another way to search is by Status Details, so you could select breeder active, and pull all the BCL’s for dogs with this status.

Once you have selected your criteria, you can then view the BCL for any dogs in the search by selecting the View Record icon (The magnifying glass).

In the row (headings above) beside the dog’s name, you can also view the comparison score, as well as the lowest scores for each heading for that dog.