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Basic Data Functions, Using Quick Tabs

Quick tabs are short cut keys/links that go straight to the common pages used.

They are located on the IWDR Home page.

Quick tab / links are color coded to reflect their category…

  • Blue is Dog files (All Dogs, MyDogs, IBC CoOp Dogs)
  • Black is Training (Puppy Raising Active, Training Active)
  • Purple is Client Services (Client Basic Data, Manage Client Apps, Manage Client Team Training, Active Graduated Teams)
  • Pink is Breeding Colony (Candidates, Breeding Stock, Breeding Summaries)
  • Red is Estrus & Whelps (Estrus & Whelps, Litters/Enter Puppies)
  • Green is Vet and Litter Care (Vet Medical Care, Litter Care Items add/edit, Litter Procedure Batch Entry, Adding and editing template text in the veterinary glossary)
  • Yellow is Admin related tabs (Audit Data Completeness EBV)