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Juvenile Development – Puppy Raising Active

When a puppy is in training, there are many things that need to be tracked throughout their juvenile training.

To help keep all their details in order, IWDR created the following tabs under Juvenile Developmetn/Puppy Raising Active to help you achieve this. First select the dog you want to track, then click on Juvenile Development and select Puppy Raising Active from the drop down menu.

Select [Show Details] table icon and then the following tabs will be shown.

  • Assign Name Sponsor – Enter the sponsor’s name, Start date and End date.
  • Assign Veterinarian – Enter the Veterinarian Hospital or Name, Start date and any comments.
  • Behavior Checklist – Enter the BCL as another option for entering a BCL
  • Communications – Enter date, activity (i.e. access granted, equipment request, attended orientation, schedule date for team training, and much more), program dog is in, notes, add a person, location, followups needed
  • Exam / SOAP – add any exams with vet, etc.
  • Diet – record any diet changes
  • Equipment – add equipment issued, date it was issued/returned, etc.
  • Estrus Juvenile – record estrus dates
  • Health Diagnoses – All data – record all health concerns/diagnoses
  • Health Diagnoses – All without normals – enter all heath concerns/diagnoses where there is not a normal result
  • Health History Report – save or print a history report
  • Incidents – record incidents with sitter reports, trainer reports, aggression incidents, etc.
  • Kennel Tasks – assign kennel tasks (i.e. bathing, ear cleaning, much more)
  • Milestones – record any milestons, dates reached, with who, any notes
  • Photos PDFs etc – attach any pdfs or photos related to the dog
  • Place W Foster Carer –
  • Relationships – relationships within IWDR
  • Reminders – track reminders type and by date
  • Vaccines – record procedures for vaccines
  • Weight – track weights
  • Work Logs – enter notes for work logs
  • Place W Staff Handler – track staff handler connections