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Breeder Host & Care – Breeder Hosting

Breeder Hosting is set up to allow organizations to view and assign details to their Breeder dogs. This can include assigning a Veterinarian, a foster caretaker, communications, semen/cryo notes, equipment, and more.

Individual ‘Breeder Host & Care’ articles will go through the options for each of these tabs.

To start using Breeder Host & Care:

  1. To start click on the:

A) [Breeder Hosting] Quick tab  or

a) Select [Breeder Host & Care] from the main menu.

b) then select the [Breeder Hosting] option from the drop down menu.

2. On the next page it will bring you to, you will see a full list of the breeders in your colony.

a) You will see you are on Breeder Host & Care / Breeder Hosting

b) [All data] tab

c) [Active] tab – lists all the active breeders and Breeder Evaluation dogs, both male & female

d) [Retired] tab – lists all dogs retired from your breeding program, both male & female

3. If you can not see all the dogs listed in whichever tab you select, look for the [Displaying] box near the top, right of page. a) By clicking the down arrow, you can slect how many dogs you want to see per page. b) Then use the page number and Next or Last buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate through the pages.

3a)  3b)

3c) You can also sort the columns by clicking on the column header.

4. To view/edit individual breeder information, select the show details next to the dog’s name you want to select.

5. Next select the tab you are wanting to add/edit.

To view more information on each of the tabs, enter the name of the tab in the IWDR search bar.