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Client Services – Client Basic Info/ Add & Edit

Client Services

IWDR allows the user to track all clients applying for a dog, and what stage of the process they are in.

From tracking all basic client data, adding a new client and editing/updating their information no matter what stage in the process they are in. Once a client is entered, tracking their application, interview process and matching them with a dog is easily managed. From there, once they are approved, the database allows the user to easily track the team training and the Graduated Teams. Once a dog retires, the clients will still show in the Basic Client Data and you can start the process for matching with a replacement dog or just to track the overall client history.

To get started, the Client Services Menu can be reached by either clicking on the Client Services tab in the main menu at the top of the page.


You can also access Client Services through the “quick tabs” on the home screen. Depending on what stage of the process they are in, you would click on the relevant tab.

To get started with the first step of adding a New Client…

To Add a new client – go to [Client Services] – [Client Basic Info/ Add & Edit].


Click [Add new] button.  Check if the client is in the data base by entering their name in Client – Partner and clicking [Search] button. If no options are given, and you are sure you entered name correctly, proceed to [Add new] button.

DO NOT ADD DUPLICATES. If a duplicate is accidently entered, please submit a support ticket to IWDR support team will need to delete the duplicate entry for you.

Next, enter the client’s basic information. Any field that has a red ‘asterix’ (*) beside it, is a required field.

Client- Partner, Program / work type, Gender, Country of Citizenship, Date started with us – are all required fields.

You can also enter data for non required fields, select – Where Client Prefers to be Trained (A location ust be added initially, and once entered will show in the drop down menu), their DOB, Number of Dogs From Us, How they learned of us (again, a a list must be created so you can create this ahead of time so you have common ways already in the system), and you can also add some General notes for anything that doesn’t fit in the other spots.

Please check with your State and Country requirements for privacy before adding more information. If permissible where you reside, you may add as much detail as needed in the indicated fields.

You can then scroll down on this page to a few other categories and add more information here.

Add Follow-up Support (Add Aftercare region, Staff assigned to aftercare, limitations imposed)

Add Demographics (Add if a veteran, a child, race/ethnicity)

Add Communication (Preferences on how to communicate with)

Add Alerts (Add things such as allergies)

Clients will be saved in your organizations Private People.

To add more details like emails, contact information, addresses, etc. on your client’s information profile…

Go to [People/Organizations] and select [Our Private People].

The first thing you need to do here is search for the client you entered in the [Search Name] field and click [Search].

If the client is in the database, the name will appear in the list on this page. Click the [Edit] icon to add additional data.

Here, the only required fields are the Last Name and Country. The country of citizenship will auto-fill to be the same country that your organization is in. It can be changed. Fill in as much information as needed/required, however please check with your State and Country requirements for privacy before adding more information.

Scroll down a bit more on this page and you can also check off if Staff and key volunteers are connected to this client.

SAVE (Once all the details are completed save your entry)