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Hip Penn Hip, Add new

To enter a Hip Penn Hip diagnoses using the [Hip Penn Hip] tab in the [Vet Care Individual Dog]

To begin, follow steps on searching / selecting the dog with which you would like to add/edit their file.

Once selected, follow these steps…

1.Select the [Show Details] icon to the left of the dog’s name.

2. Select [Hip Penn Hip] from the menu tabs.

3. Select [Add new] or [Inline Add]

4. Enter the information in the fields shown. The two fields marked with a red *asterisk symbol are the only ones required, however if you have more information it is recommended to fill out as many fields as possible.

          A. Measure 1 (right)

          B. Measure 2 (left)

 C. Cavitation – select Yes or No from the drop-down menu

D. *Measure Type – Select from the drop-down menu either – PennHip Scored by PennHip AIS or PennHip scored privately

E. *Diagnoses Date

          F. Date is Estimated – If the Diagnoses Date is an estimate, check off the box. If the date is confirmed, just leave blank.

          G. Who Diagnosed – Clinic or DVM. If not already in your list, Add new (in blueprint under the field)

H. Registry Name – PennHip is already entered in the system and is the only option in the drop down menu to select.

I. Certification Number – Once your PennHip report  comes back you can enter the PennHip certification number off the report here.

J. Details – Enter any details you wish about the procedure or the diagnoses.


5. Once all the information is entered, click [Save] at the bottom of the screen, or with inline add click the check mark to left of row.

6. Once entered and saved, the diagnoses will appear in the list. If needing to edit (or add more info) later on or you need to delete if added in error, you can now do this.

     6.a. If you are needing to delete a diagnoses, click the box to the left of the diagnoses and by doing so it will activate the delete button. Click [Delete] and confirm you wish to delete by clicking OK in the pop-up confirmation box.

     6.b.To edit an entry, simply select the [Edit] icon – the pencil – to the left of the diagnoses you wish to edit – a pop-up window like above in #4 will appear OR click the box with the pencil in it, to edit in the [inline edit] format. The previous fields from #4 will appear. Edit / add to which ones are needed and click [Save] when finished.

7. You can also Attach documents (pdf’s, photos, etc.) to a diagnosis. See article on PDF’s, Photos, etc. here. Link to be added soon.