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Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony – General overview


Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony allows you to do all your trackingof your breeding colony. Estrus, breeding, whelp, and tracking your colony as a whole.

This funtion tab is where you will be able to do the following functions…

  • enter a new estrus & whelp – enter new estrus details (estrus start date, estrus and breeding details), as well as entering the whelp details (date, complications, etc.)
  • enter puppies & edit whelp info – once a whelp has been entered in the above function, you can now enter details on the litter, adding the puppies and editing their details, as well as edit any details on the whelp (additional comments on dam and quality as a mother for example).
  • completed estrus whelps & pup entry – once the whelp is complete and puppies have moved from the whelping home and into training or awaiting transport, the litter will move to completed and additional functions such as editing individual puppies, tracking dams, estrus history and  can be maintained.
  • look at broods due in estrus
  • look at your breed stock data
  • look at candidates
  • look at My Studs
  • look at My Broods
  • look at your Colony Reports / COI Inventory

From the home page – Along the top bar, the main menu will have a tab called Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony.

Select this to to see all the functions available (listed above) in the drop down menu.

From the home page, you can also select the corresponding (pink or red) color tab to directly go to some of functions.

From this menu select the feature you are wanting to follow.

Estrus & Whelps

    • enter a new estrus & whelp

Litters/Enter Puppies

    • enter puppies & edit whelp info


    • Candidates

Breeding Stock

    • Breed Stock Data

Breeding Summaries

    • Colony Reports-COI Inventory / Colony Size Age Inbreeding