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Semen analysis

Routine semen analyses and palpation of the testes and epididymi should be completed every three months at minimum.  Ideally, a stud dog should be collected a few days prior to the peak breeding days to ensure the semen quality is adequate.   

A semen count as low as 100 million sperm/ml is suitable for a pregnancy provided the speed and motility are good and there are few abnormal sperm.  The normal sperm count for the large breed dogs used at guide dog schools is typically 800-1200 million sperm per ejaculate which equates to 200-500 million/ml.  Some colonies see normal sperm counts as low as 300-400 million sperm/ejaculate however.  

Abnormalities can be an indicator of testicular degeneration, inflammatory problems in the prostate, epididymides, or testes.  Blood in the semen due to a ruptured blood vessel will normally not affect sperm function and fertility.