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Candidates is used to help you track which dogs are potential breeders.

1. To search this criteria, select [Estrus, Puppies, Breeding colony], then select [Candidates] from the drop down menu.

2. Search candidates by entering the critera in the column on the left. You can enter a Litter Description to search candidates from a particular litter, or a more broad search by Dam, Sire, Age, Breed, Sex, We Consider Breeder  (they will need to have this selected ‘Yes’ in the dog’s profile for it him/her to show in this list).

Click [Search] when all criteria you want to help narrow search are entered.

3. You can also scroll down further to sort by a specific breed or select [Multiselect] to select more than one breed.

4. When clicking [Multiselect] boxes will appear to the left of the breed. Select which breeds you would like, then click [Apply].

5. Scrolling even further down will allow you to search by Status Detail (you can also select [Multiselect] button to select more than one status like above with breed search.

6. Once your search is applied, you will get a list of the all the dogs that matched that criteria. Now you can edit, show details including BCL’s and Health Diagnoses for each dog that matched criteria.

A. Edit – By clicking the [Edit] icon (the pencil), you can edit the following: A – We Consider Breeder, B – Neuter Approved Date, C – IFT Date, D – General Notes, E – Coat Length. Once changes are made, click [Save] button at top of page.

B. Show Details (table) – Makes visible all the tabs – Behavior Checklist, Health Screening List, Health Diagnoses, Photos PDFs etc, Private Notes, Procedures, Tbl Dog Pheno EBV to view for the particular dog you are viewing. Click on the tab you wish to view the details for.

C. Brown Bubble – Behavior Checklist – By clicking on the brown bubble, you will be able to view any BCL entries that particular dog has on their file.

D. Blue Bubble – Health Diagnosis – By clicking on the blue bubble, you will be able to view any Health Diagnoses entered for that particular dog.