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Status History

To begin, follow steps on searching / selecting the dog with which you would like to work on.

Once the dog is selected, follow these steps…

1.Select the [Show Details] icon to the left of the dog’s name.

2. Select the [Status History] tab.


3. The Status History tab will allow you to view the full history of any status the dog had in their training.

         A. Date Begin New Status – click on the heading to reverse sort from earliest to latest or latest to earliest.

         B. Status – This column shows the status given

         C. Edit – You can edit the status date, or add comments – be sure to click [Save] once changes are made.

        D. Delete – A status can be deleted by clicking on the here if entered incorrectly. If you are needing to delete a record, click the empty box (B) to the left of the row and by doing so it will activate the [Delete] button.

Click [Delete] and confirm you wish to delete by clicking [OK] in the pop up confirmation box.