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How to Run the Test

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Test Component Procedure Notes and Modifications
60 Sec
Explore New Situation Helper heels dog on leash 2 steps into space, removes leash, and leaves. Observe behavior. If dog knocks over garbage can or takes the container with the sandwich, someone enters the space and puts the sandwich back on top of the table. If dog attempts again, item is removed until needed later. If dog tries to eat the sticker on the floor, provide verbal warning. If dog is persistent then remove the stickers.
  Video Example GDBartHeelIntoSpace – Alice  
    ON LEASH  
2 New Person Greets After 60 seconds, handler enters space at entry as dog, walks 2 steps, faces dog, says dog name, come. As dog comes, stands, puts on leash then strokes dog and praises dog quietly saying good dog. If dog does not come, handler repeats request, bending down. If dog still does not come, handler goes to dog and puts on leash.
  Video Example GDBartNPGreet Alladin  
60 Sec
Taking food treats Handler stands and provides 3 treats, one at a time while saying good dog then stands without interacting with dog for 10 seconds. Stroke dog once again. Observe how softly dog takes food treats. Also, in beginning of test, helps establish value and beginning of a relationship with the handler
  Video Example GDBartTreats  
4 On leash heel, sit Give dog heel command and proceed to location 2, give sit command, praise if sits. If dog does not sit, provide hand command, leash cue and repeat verbal command. 1x
  Video Example GDB4heelsit  
5 Collar Pressure With hand on collar lead down using mild collar pressure to location 3. Collar pressure should be up and forward with toward the dog’s head. With hand still on collar, give verbal down command along with light collar pressure and praise. If dog does not down, relax collar pressure and ask again with collar pressure and more enthusiastic verbal down command.
  Video Example GDBartCollarPr Ode  
6 Fan Helper turns on fan, handler heels dog toward x-pen from location 3 then along x-pen allowing dog to investigate fan, loop back to walk past the fan at a distance 24 inches from the fan, proceed 2 steps past fan, loop back and repeat. Helper turns off fan If dog will not walk past fan the first time, handler allows dog up to 5 seconds to investigate then tries walking past again at a greater distance (2 feet further away).
  Video Example GDBartFan  
7 Umbrella Helper stands inside of x-pen at the opposite end of where dog originally entered. Facing location 3 holding closed umbrella pointing downward. Handler approaches with dog on leash. When dog is 6 feet away, umbrella is opened and raised as is done when using an umbrella in the rain. It is then closed after the dog investigates. Dog is allowed to approach and investigate helper and umbrella. If dog did not see umbrella opening, repeat. If dog refuses to approach after 5 seconds, handler approaches person with umbrella and calls dog by name. If still no approach, umbrella is closed and umbrella person immediately squats sideways to dog and does not look at dog. When dog approaches, umbrella person can greet the dog. If the dog does not approach in 5 seconds, proceed to the next test.
  Video Example GDBart Umbrella  
8 Tight space & under footing On leash, walk with handler first through tight space and dog following, then over both underfootings (UF) with the UF on left of handler. If dog jumps over or goes around UF, handler tries up to 3 passes walking past UF while hand gesturing for dog to walk on it. First 2 tries, no lure and 3rd time you can use food or toy lure. Do not pull the dog if the dog refuses.
  Video Example GDBartTSp UF  
9 Vacuum With dog on leash and leash held long at handle, handler, walks to vacuum cleaner. Move the handle of the vacuum cleaner 3 times. Allow the dog to investigate as needed. Turn on vacuum cleaner for 5 seconds, observe reaction. Then while the vacuum is still on, ask dog to come and praise the dog. If dog does not come within 5 seconds, move 3 steps in front of the vacuum while still running and call dog up to 3x. If still not coming, turn off the vacuum then call repeating as above. Observe if dog will approach vacuum once it is off
On then off leash Turn off the vacuum and take off the leash. Vacuum is turned on again by handler while handler is still standing still next to the vacuum. After 5 seconds, handler calls dog. Once dog comes, praised then turn off vacuum cleaner. Clip leash back on the dog
  Video Example GDBartVac  
10 Noise Helper stands outside the x-pen just past the vacuum holding the shaker can (metal can with metal objects in it or rocks). The dog is put back on leash after the vacuum and walked by the handler towards the x-pen where the helper is standing. Helper shakes the can loudly 5 times when the dog is 3 feet from the helper. Helper holds the can still in place. Dog is allowed to investigate, and sniff then walked on leash toward to rug runner which is by the fan Can is dropped inside the x-pen, just behind the dog as dog moves away from the helper. Observe behaviour. If dog does not come within 5 seconds, move 3 steps in front of the vacuum while still running and call dog up to 3x. If still not coming, turn off the vacuum then call repeating as above. Observe if dog will approach vacuum once it is off.
  Video Example GDBart NoiseAdeline GDBardt Noise  
15 Sec
Kong Handler takes stuffed Kong from helper, asks dog to sit, places stuffed bone on floor near handler’s right foot, and tells Kong “free, take it”. Allow dog 15 sec then handler says “Out”, asks dog to sit. Handler takes Kong and returns to helper If dog moves away with bone, handler takes up slack in leash and retrieves bone. If dog refuses to give up bone, or if dog displays signs of resource guarding aggression, heel dog away and have a helper pick up the bone.
  Video Example GDBartResGuard  
12 Dog Distraction Handler asks or positions dog in a sit facing the direction where the distraction dog will first appear. Handler can help direct attention toward where the distraction dog will be if not paying attention. As soon as the test dog notices the distraction dog, the handler unclips the leash and gives the command appropriate to the dog’s training that it is free to get up and visit the distraction dog. When the handler has the dog sitting and facing the proper direction, the helper walks the distraction dog on leash toward to fence then walks parallel to the fence for 2 round trips about 10-12’ (3 meters) distance each direction with the dog about 2 feet from the outside of the fence. The helper maintains the attention of the distraction dog by moving in a quick pace and if needed, giving food rewards or showing a toy. The handler unclips dog’s leash and tells dog it is free to leave. Loose dog makes 2 loops across front of x-pen then leaves. Handler calls dog as loose dog is leaving. Praise dog for coming and reward. Food reward is provided if dog able to be responsive. If dog does not respond, ask again.
  Video Example GDBartDogDist Irvin  
13 Tight Space and Underfooting Handler asks dog to heel off leash from location 1 and walk through tight space then over underfootings. Gesture with hand moving across underfootings to encourage dog and make it clear what you are asking. If dog is hesitant, provide verbal encouragement and touch the item. If dog does not go over the first time, the handler encourages the dog by sweeping your hand across the underfooting and speaking to the dog. If still won’t go on, food lure or a toy can be used along with encouragement. Do not pull the dog over the underfootings if the dog refuses.
  Video Example GDBartUFoffL  
10 Sec
Novel Object Handler takes object from helper, turns on and places on the floor at location 3. Handler steps back 1 step, silently faces object. Allow 10 seconds for dog to investigate, sniff and leave the object. Whether or not dog has not approached by 10 sec handler goes to object, picks it up, turns it off, calls dog and provides support if needed. Handler returns object to helper If the dog does not approach readily handler provides verbal encouragement for up to 5 seconds. If dog grabs objects, handler asks dog to drop item using command “out”. Give food reward if dog drops object. Go to dog and trade with food if dog does not drop.
  Video Example GDBart NovObj GDBart NovObj Oliver  
15 Sandwich
(House Manners)
With dog off leash, at table, remove top from food container, remove sandwich, pretend to eat a bite of sandwich the place sandwich in container in middle of table with container using a lid with holes. If dog jumps on counter, handler steps in front of dog, body blocks. Observe dog’s persistence. Push container back to center of table is dog if is persistent. Put the sandwich back in the container if dog attempts to eat the sandwich while handler is holding it. If the dog is persistently taking the sandwich off the table, remove it.
  Video Example GDBartHManners  
16 Elevated surface Ask the dog to follow the handler off leash then clip leash on the dog. Handler taps hand on top of exam table and uses appropriate verbal command dog has learned. Handler holds dog’s collar loosely for 10 seconds observing dog’s comfort level being on the table. If the dog will not get on the table after encouraging and letting the dog try three times, do the exam on the floor.
  Video Example GDBartElevSurf  
17 Body Handling Handler holds dog with one hand on the collar and the other lightly under the abdomen. Another person approaches from front, greets, strokes head and over back, Moves to side of dog, holds muzzle while stroking head, holds collar while picking up front then back foot, Opens dog’s mouth, holds muzzle and wiggles finger in each ear. Handler holds dog for blood draw & vet person picks up leg. OFF LEASH  
  Video Example GDBart BH  
18 Chase Flirt Pole With dog off leash, Helper stands outside of test area with Woof Stick (Flirt pole) inside the test area. Handler makes 6 passes with it in a manner that dog does not catch the item. Handler calls dog puts on leash. If dog does get the item, put foot on rope, and ask dog to drop, Trade for food
  Video Example GDBart Chase  
19 Bat Heel dog to bat and turn on for 4 revolutions then turn off  
  Video Example GDBartBat  
20 Harness Place dog in sit position. Place harness over the dog’s head. Adjust harness to fit correctly. With the handle off or fixed in a position to stay up without holding the handle, walk from table to 1 then back to 3. Then place handle down and walk from 3 to 1 then back to the table. Remove harness. Allow dog a short time on 6ft leash to resolve any stress from the harness. If dog turns head away when placing harness over its head, place hand under chin and try again. If dog still refuses, use food to lure the dogs head through the harness. Encourage the dog with verbal praise and if they still will not move try backing up while scratching the dog’s shoulders.
Dogs can not be tested if they will not walk on leash with the handler without the harness. Test this later with a familiar handler.
  Video Example GDBartHarness  
21 Unusual Person Handler unclips leash, and holds dog’s collar standing as far away as possible facing the door and in clear view of where the unusual person will enter. Handler lets go of collar and indicates dog is free when the unusual person is cued to enter, The unusual person dressed in leafy hunting suit, bangs flat hand loudly on door 3x, enters room 3 steps and stands looking at dog. When the dog approaches within touching distance, the unusual person greets the dog verbally saying “Hi Dog” in a happy tone and removes the veil and puts the dog on leash. If dog does not come within 15 seconds, clear throat, if still not coming, lift veil, remain standing, say “Hi Puppy” in a happy tone. In 15 seconds if does not come, squat or kneel and turn sideways, saying dogs name. In 15 seconds if dog does not come, handler goes to dog, puts on leash and walk toward the unusual, encouraging the dog to follow. If dog does follow, then end the test.
  Video Example GDBartUNPerson  
In countries where pertinent
White cane Handler walks dog on leash across room while using a white cane in a sweeping motion. Cane is tapped on return across the room.  
23 Stairs
(Only if an issue)
Take dog out to stairway, walk dog up and down stairway on a loose leash.