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Searches & Reports – Birth Weights All

Searches & Reports can provide quick access to create and view a report for export and/or printing if you choose to do so.

Under the [Searches & Reports] tab there are many options listed. If you are needing a specific report for your organization’s needs, please submit a support ticket so we can discuss these options further with you.

To begin a search and report,

  1. Select Searches & Reports in the main menu.

2. Next you will select the report needed from the drop down list.


Birth Weights All: 

This search and report allows you to check that the data for birth weight has been entered for each dog in your program.

  1. Search can be by individual dog, birth Weight Metric, Birth Weight, Dam Name, Sire Name, or Litter.
  2. Once search criteria is entered click the Search button at bottom of column.

3. You can then search by weights over zero (0) or weights that equal zero (0).