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Broods Due in Estrus

Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony allows you to track your colony in many ways.

One of the tracking functions is the menu item [Broods Due In Estrus].

Broods Due In Estrus allows the owner of the colony to capture the number of broods due in a period of time, and to mark if you are wanting to breed this time, or skip to ensure you have the capacity to breed as many broods as you may have coming into season.

1. To begin, first select [Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony]  from the main menu. Select [Broods Due In Estrus] from the menu.

2. On the next page you will see a list form of all the Broods that are due. It will show their last estrus date, when the next estrus is due, whether it has been decided to breed on the next season, what the average heat interval is (based on previously entered estrus dates), their conception rate if bred previously, her fertility rating, breed, status details, sire, dam, DOB, Age Text, and Owner ID.

3. In the top right corner of the page, you will be able to see how many broods are displayed on the results page. In this case, it is showing 1-20 of 91 broods. You can change the setting by clicking on the down arrow box to display 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 500, or ALL of the broods.

4. At the top of the list of broods, you will see three tabs… this will allow you to sort by these individual headings.

     A. Active

     B. Breed Eval

     C. Retired.

5. You will also see a column to the left that will allow you to search with specific criteria. You can enter and search by…

     A. Dog – enter the dog’s name

     B. Next Estrus Due – enter the date criteria

     C. Breed – search by the breed of the dog, if more than one breed in your colony. Select breed in the drop down menu.

     D. Breed Next – search by selecting the options for your decision on breeding next.

You can also scroll a little further down and search by [Status Details].

When done entering the criteria, click [Search].

6. Going back to the three tabs listed above the Broods’ names, select [Active]. The list will show all active broods. The icons to the left of the broods’ name will allow you to edit or show details.

      A. Edit icon (pencil) – Allows you to make edits to the Broods Due In Estrus ABC, Edit page for the brood selected. See below for more details.

      B. Show Details (table lines) – Shows the detail tab options for Repro Data Brood, Progeny, and Estrus Dates

      C. Red Bubble – Repro Data Brood – Shows the following for the brood selected… Sex, Brood, Most Recent Estrus, Next Estrus Due, Average Heat Interval, Breed Next, Retirement Pending

      D. Green Bubble – Estrus Dates – For the brood selected, this icon shows the following for each estrus the brood has in her history… Dams’ name, Estrus Start Date, Estimated Estrus Start Date, Breed This Time?, Sire, Litter Designation, Total Pups, Live Pups, Due Date 65d from LH0, Whelp Date


7. Edit icon – by clicking this icon (shown above), it will bring you to another screen where you can edit the [Broods Due In Estrus] page for the dog you selected.

      A. Last Estrus

      B. Breed next

      C. Average Heat Interval

      D. Heat Interval Range

      E. Fertility Rating

8. [Show Details] icon –

      A. Repro Data Brood

B. Progeny Dam

C. Estrus Dates