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Preventing Duplicates

IWDR is a collaborative database that relies on the users to enter accurate data. It is essential that data is not duplicated within the system. Duplication or inaccurate data will reduce the effectiveness of the Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs), coefficients of inbreeding and summaries that are reported and may result in incorrect breeding decisions

  • First verify the dog is not already in IWDR. Search in the All Fields Search in All Dogs. Enter only the name without your school abbreviation, school ID, etc.
  • Enter only dogs that are not already in IWDR. This can be done one dog at a time in AllDogs or MyDogs. Or the entire litter can be entered in Estrus & Whelps provided you are 100% confident that you will not enter a puppy that is already in IWDR.
  • Report duplicates by providing a print screen on the duplicates including the IWDR Dog ID. Indicate which record you believe is more accurate or what data needs to be merged. (Submit to support@iwdr.org)
  • If the owner is not correct submit a support ticket (support@iwdr.org) indicating name of the owner and an email contact if you have it. Once verified, an IWDR administrator can correct the owner.