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Completed Estrus Whelps & Pup Entry

Completed Estrus Whelps & Pup Entry is available once you complete a litter.

Once a litter has been entered and all the data in regards to the estrus and whelp have been entered, and the Neonates have moved on from the whelping home to a training program; the data under [Enter Puppies/Edit Whelp Info] can then be completed.

To do this…

1. Go to [Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony], then select [Enter Puppies/Edit Whelp Info].

2. Find the brood/litter you wish to ‘complete’ from the list. And click the [Edit] pencil icon.

3. Next scroll down and to the right in the Whelp Information section. You will see a box called Data Complete. Check this box.

4. The litter then gets moved to [Completed Estrus Whelps & Pup Entry].

5. To search your completed litters, go to [Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony], then select [Completed Estrus Whelps & Pup Entry].

6. In the column to the left of the screen, enter any relevant criteria for your search.

You can search by one or multiple of the following to narrow your search…

    • Dam, Pregnant?, Sire, Litter Designation, Litter Owner, Breeder, Year Born, Breed of This Litter, Multi Sire
    • Once your selections are made, click [Search].

7. Your generated list will appear.

For each litter you can then look at the following options…

A. [Edit] which will bring you to the Estrus & Whelp data screen

B. [Show Details] which will allow you to view

      • Estrus/Mating Details – View, add, or edit any estrus and mating details needed
      • Puppies Add & Edit – Gives you a list of the puppies born into this litter
      • Repro Data Brood – Will show you the Estrus Dates for this brood