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Basic Data Functions, The Three Locations to Enter Dogs

  • All Dogs tab – enter dogs you own but did not breed and the sire and/or dam and ancestors only if you are sure you have correct information. Check with the organization that bred the dog or for privately bred dogs check an online database such as K9Data.com for Labradors or Golden Retrievers.
  • My Dogs tab – for dogs you own
  • Estrus & Whelps tab – This is the most efficient method for breeders. Stores details of the estrus then allows adding all puppies in the litter. Note: The sire and dam must first be entered in either AllDogs tab or MyDogs tab depending on if you own the sire or dam

IBC: The majority of new records for the IBC cooperatives will be created via Estrus & Whelps when a litter is bred and new puppies result.

If you have believe a puppy or dog is already in the database, but you can not find it please reach out to the IWDR Facilitators to help confirm.