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Using the Advanced Search function

Sometimes, you may need to filter your search by using some specific criteria to get the results you are looking for.

You can do this through using the Advanced Search capability function in IWDR.

If you are having trouble finding the dog you are looking for or you want to pull all dogs with certain details, you can do this here.

To begin… you can do this Advanced Search under any of the main menu tabs (All Dogs, Manage My Dog’s Data, Estrus & Whelps, etc) where you see the [Gear Wheel] icon.

1. Click the [Gear wheel] and then select [Advanced Search] from the list. Most pages will have the gear wheel next to the search field at the left of the screen and be in a black box, however some pages may have the search field and gear box in the top right corner next to your profile name. Some gear wheels will not be in a black box.


2. Clicking on the Gear Wheel will bring you to this screen.

A. Choose any of the criteria you want to include from the list.

B. This column allows you to select a range, i.e. equals, empty, date of birth with a range between two dates, or all male or all female dogs.

C. Once all the criteria bars are selected, click [Search]

D. If you want to do another search, click [Reset] to clear your previous search.

E. When you are done you can click [Back to List] to return to the previous page.

3. Any dogs that meet the criteria you entered, will now appear on the screen and you can select which dog(s) you are wanting to view or export.