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Search for any dog, already in the IWDR database

To Search for any dog already in the database,

To select a dog already in the database, that you own and can make edits to…

1. Select [Manage Your Dog’s Data], then either select [MyDogs] or [ABC CoOp Dogs] or the CoOp chapter you are a member of.

Please note any dogs that you own whether they are CoOp dogs or not will show in MyDogs. Only CoOp dogs will show in CoOp Dogs.


1a. Click on the [Quick Link] tabs on the home page.

To select a dog already in the database, that you do not own and wish to view the shareable data (please note you can not make edits to dogs you do not own)

2. Select [All Dogs] from the Main Menu


2a. Click on the [Quick Link] tab on the home page.

3. The next step is to search for a dog’s name, begin entering the first few letters of the name of the dog you are searching for in the search field (A).

A. Begin typing the characters of the dog’s name into the search bar. A list of names matching what you have entered will appear. If you see the name of the dog you are looking for, click the name and click [search] or [enter] on your keyboard. If you don’t see the name, continue to add characters until you have the full name entered. If you don’t see the dog you are looking for, check the spelling and try again. If you still do not see the dog you are looking for, proceed to B. If you are unsure of the spelling, try entering the first two or three characters and click search or press [enter] on your keyboard. A list of dogs’ names should appear to the right that match any of the information you have entered. So in this case if you entered the first three letters ‘Pri’, any dogs’ that have pri in their call/pedigree name will appear.

B. Click the [Search] – magnifying glass button – to initiate search.

C. Any names that match the info you entered, will appear in a list to the right.

4. Select the dog that matches who you are looking for. If you selected a name from the drop down list before clicking the search button, this will be your only selection and will appear in the list to the right automatically.

Furthermore, if you do not know the name of the dog you are looking for, but have some other details about the dog (DOB, Sire or Dam for example), you can search the database using other criteria.

5. You can do a basic search of some of the more common criteria by entering information in any of the table details in the column to the left of your screen, below the main search bar. Data such as Sire, Dam, Date of Birth, Breed, Sex, Breeder, Owner, Status Detail will help to narrow your search. Once details are entered for each field you want to search (the more information entered the more filtered your search will be), press the [Search] button at the bottom of the table.  Any dogs that meet these criteria will appear to the right for you to select.

Doing an Advanced Search – If you are still having trouble finding the dog you are looking for or you want to pull all dogs with certain details, you can do an Advanced Search. Click the Black box with the ‘gear wheel’ and then select Advanced Search from the list.

This will bring you to this screen.

A. Choose any of the criteria you want to include from the list.

B. This column allows you to select a range, i.e. equals, empty, date of birth with a range between two dates, or all male or all female dogs.

C. Once all the criteria bars are selected, click [Search]

D. If you want to do another search, click reset to clear your previous search.

E. when you are done you can click Back to List to return to the previous page.