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Tracking diet changes whether it be the brand of food you feed, the quantity you feed, or the frequency you feed is important to maintain the proper BCS for the health of the dog.

IWDR allows you to record all these details in this tab.

To begin, follow steps on searching /selecting the dog with which you would like to add/edit their file.

Once selected, follow these steps…

1.Select the [Show Details] icon to the left of the dog’s name.

2. Select the [Diet] tab from the menu.

3. Click [Add new] or [Inline Add] – Either of these options will provide the same menu. Add new will pop-up a new window, whereas Inline Add will add a row below to the history list.

4. In the [Diet, Add new] menu – Enter the Date of the addition or change to the diet, select the food from the drop-down menu. If your diet being fed is not in the list, you can click [Add new] in blue below the field to add your diet to the list. Then select, once added. The only other required entry is the [Entered By] field. If not yet in the system, you will need to [Add new] to add them to the list. Once added, go ahead and select them from the list.

You can also add [Notes] and [Amount fed] fields for more detailed information.

Click [Save], once all the information is entered.

There is an option to [Insert Template Text]. Please see separate instructions on how to do this. 

5. If an error is made, you can delete your entry by clicking on the empty box to the left in the row of the item you wish to delete.