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Room setup and materials – GDBART Puppy Test

Materials Required

  • See through dividers to partition space approximately 24 x 24 feet (e.g exercise pens)
  • Clock with a second hand
  • Tripod and video recorder
  • Kibble for puppy being tested
  • Novel objects: dog statue (12-18″), 2 other statues (6-18″), 
  • Other novel items: e.g. barbie styling head, yoda, owl, alligator etc. 

  • Electric box fan 20” tall (quiet with high speed air flow)

  • Tunnel – 15″ diameter and length 30”

  • Underfootings, short end against wall: plastic bread delivery tray, wavy plastic or metal sheet. You can substitute other items such as a section of exercise pen (approximately 28” x 36”)

  • Puppy sized stairs/ramp where pup can go up one side and down another

  • Small dog harness the puppy can wear (pictured is handmade harness)

  • Noise: loud vacuum cleaner, rocks in a metal container

  • Small umbrella
  • Flirt Pole

  • Short table (4’ x 2’ x 30”) with mats placed on top to provide friction for the puppy

  • 2 to 3 toys for the puppy to play with and to resolve their stress with (no squeakers)



Test Layout

  • Testing space is set up as noted in diagram above.
  • Inside the area are: 3 statues (including something with big eyes), 2 underfootings, stairs, tunnel, toys
  • Outside the area are: fan, vacuum cleaner, other statue e.g. barbie doll head or yoda. Videographer,     BCL scorer, Table with mat, can, flirt pole, harness, food. (these items can be on a window ledge if available)
  • No items are switched on and nobody is in the space at the start of the test.