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Photos PDFs etc.

To begin, follow steps on searching / selecting the dog with which you would like to add/edit their file.

Once the dog is selected, follow these steps…

1.Select the [Show Details] icon to the left of the dog’s name.

2. Select the [Photos, PDFs, etc.] tab.


3. Click the [Add new] or [Inline Add] – Either of these options will provide the same menu. [Add new] will pop-up a new window, whereas [Inline Add] will add a row below the blue bar to create a list.

4. Next in the pop-up or the row line that appears, enter the following required information…

           A. Type – Select from the drop down menu the type of attachment / photo it is. Request more types at support@iwdr.org

           B. Date – Enter the date the attachment was done or photo was taken

           C. Add file – Upload the file, then click the check on the far left to save, Allows pdf, bmp, gif, jpeg, jpg, pdf, png, max 2MB size

           D. Description – Enter a description that helps you understand what the photo or PDF is before opening

E. Save – Once all information is entered click [Save] at the bottom of window.


5. Once entered and saved, the Photos, PDFs, etc. entered will appear in the list on the main tab page. If needing to edit (or add more info) later on or you need to delete if added in error, you can now do this.

     5.A. To edit an entry, simply select the [Edit] icon or the [Inline Edit] – the pencil or the box with a pencil in the corner, to the left in the row you wish to edit. The previous fields from #4 will appear. Edit / add info to which ones are needed and click [Save] when finished.

     5.B. If you are needing to delete a record, click the box to the left of the row and by doing so it will activate the [Delete] button. Click [Delete]. 

     5.C. It will prompt you to confirm you want to delete the record by clicking [Ok] on the next pop-up window.