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Data types and management

Data important to managing your entire organization can be stored in IWDR. Powerful searches identify subsets of records that can be exported. Records can include:

a. Basic Information about each dog –

  1. Add and edit wide range of data on dogs- flexible in that additional data fields can be added
  2. Dog status, status history, kennel club registrations, color, breed, sex, date of birth and death, breeder, owners, sire, dam, microchip, photos
  3. Any breed or cross breeds
  4. Combines data-sets from across the world connecting pedigrees together

b. Health data –

  1. Diagnoses for diseases, clearances, genetic test results, normals. Dates, comments, certification numbers. Entered by dog’s owner
  2. Vaccines, veterinary procedures and treatments etc. Dates, who did it, due next
  3. Diet, exercise, dog care

c. Reproduction –

  1. Estrus data. Details of tests, insemination’s, etc
  2. Multi-sire litter capability
  3. Whelping data. Details
  4. Plans for frozen semen storage and semen analysis data

d. Behavior – 

  1. Behavior Checklist
  2. Other behavioral scoring systems possible

e. Relationships and other private information is visible only to your school – 

  1. Puppy raisers,
  2. People with whom the dog has been placed

f. Puppy raiser and training progress reports can be added as well as planning puppy placement needs, recalling dogs back into training etc.

Notes on Data Management

  1. Only the organization that “owns” the dog can enter and edit data on their dogs. The exception is IWDR data administrators, who have editing permissions to correct data errors in a dog’s key identifying information, when errors have been reported and the owner of the dog is not an IWDR user.
  2. Other working dog organizations can view each others basic dog information, but private data remains private.
  3. Users from working dog organizations can only view their own working dog data, not the data belonging to other organizations.
  4. Cooperatives have the option of using special screens where each member can see specified data on all dogs enrolled in the cooperative.
  5. Other organizations can request the owner share information on a dog. The owner can accept or reject the sharing request, and later can terminate the request.
  6. Data in IWDR can be searched and reported on. Any page in IWDR can be printed by using your web browser print options. Either print to paper or to a PDF to share data with others.
  7. Upon request data downloads can be provided. Contact support@iwdr.org for more information on this option.