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Facility Basic Info

To be able to track and manage your Active Graduated Dogs that are placed as a facility dog, you first need to update Facility Basic Info.

To begin,

  1. Select [Client Services] from the main menu bar.
  2. Next Select [Facility Basic Info] from the drop down menu.

3. If this is a new facility to your organization, click the [Add new] button.

4. The next screen will prompt you to enter the following… Before adding a new facility/organization type the name of the organization in the field labelled [Facility Name], if no options appear proceed by clicking on [Add new] shown in blue under the [Facility Name] field.

You will then be prompted to enter the facility information. At the top of the page in the colored bar, select the Organization type from the drop down menu. This should only be entered if the organization is NOT an Individual person.  The only field data requirements are the Organization’s Name and the Country.

Click [Save] at the bottom of the page when finished entering.

You will then be back to the Facility Basic Info, [Add new] page.

Next add the following…

  1. Enter the [Facility Name] (This should now appear when you type the name of the organization in the field, when appears click on it to select)
  2. Enter the [Date Applied for Next Dog]
  3. Select the [App Status for Next Dog] from the drop down menu   
  4. Enter [Date Started With Us]
  5. Enter Notes, if needed
  6. Click save when finished


It is also possible to [search] by Facility Name, as well as App Status for Next Dog. For i.e. as seen below, you could search for all dogs with the ‘On Hold] status.

Select the status from the drop down menu and click [Search].