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EPBC – My Studs

My Studs allows you to view all your stud dogs listed in one place along with their relevant EPV clearance scores.

To view go to…

1. Go to [Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony] on the main menu. Select [My Studs] from the drop-down list.

2. To add a new stud or view/sort the list of studs by all or by breed…

A. My studs, Add new – You can select dogs that are:

Not already on My Studs and dogs whose program is not Birth Up To Puppy Raising
Owned or bred your organization OR you have requested the owner to Share this dog’s data and they approved your request.

To request sharing, go to All Dogs or its equivalent tab, select the dog then find the details tab labeled Request Share (article link coming soon)

How to [Search] :

B. Sort by viewing ALL or by breed…

You can sort by breed by clicking on one of the breed tabs or leave on [ALL], you can also sort by column. By clicking on the heading of the column it will sort. For i.e. Color – sort will group all Black, all Yellow, all Bllk/Tan, etc. together.

To display more dogs on the page than what is showing, go to the top right of the page where it says Displaying 1-20 (for i.e.). Click the down-arrow button and select from the drop down the number of studs you want in the list per page or select All.

You can edit, Inline Edit, or view record using the icons to the left of the dogs’ IWDR DogID and name.

As mentioned you are able to edit details by clicking the [Edit] icon (pencil) or [Inline Edit] icon (box with pencil in corner).

This option will allow you to check off if there is frozen semen stored and add any notes. Click [Save] when finished editing.

You can also [View record] by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

The brown bubble icon (may or may not have a number attached to it.  The number indicates there was/is an IBCMy Dog Relationships. To see what those relationships are, click the brown oval bubble.

You can [Delete] a stud from MyStuds by selecting the small box to the left of the dogs’ IWDR DogID and name. That will activate the [Delete] buttong. Click [Delete] and then click [OK] on the pop-up window.