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Utilizing Frozen Semen

When inseminating with frozen semen, timing of the bitch is crucial, as the thawed sperm only live for a few hours at most. Generally two matings are done by transcervical insemination at LH days 4 and 6, or days 5 and 7.  If the semen quality is poor based on the post-thaw quality, inseminations would include more straws or matings on LH 4, 5 and 6.

The facility that froze the semen will provide recommendations for insemination quantity and the technique to thaw the semen.   Freezing facilities use different freezing systems.   It is important to follow the recommendations specific to that system to achieve optimum results.


Calculating the whelp date from the LH peak

Pinpointing the LH peak has an added benefit in that it provides a very accurate way of estimating the whelp date.  Bitches will whelp 65 days +/- 24 hours after the LH peak.  

Knowing the whelp date within a 24-hour period not only helps in planning the whelp support team’s schedule, but also provides the breeding manager with a clear indicator of when to request a C-section if labor is overdue.  There is a high risk to the puppies and bitch if a C-section is done prematurely because the date due was incorrectly assessed.  The uterus can have uncontrolled bleeding at the placental sites, necessitating spay, and the puppies may not be fully developed and have greater risks of neonatal loss.  There is also a high risk of losing the entire litter by waiting too long to do a C-section for bitches that never go into whelp due to primary uterine inertia.  All bitches whelp 65 days +/- 24 hours after the LH peak regardless of their breeding dates.