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Private Notes

To begin, follow steps on searching /selecting the dog with which you would like to add/edit their file.

Once selected, follow these steps…

1. Select the [Show Details] icon to the left of the dog’s name.

2. Select [Private Notes] from the menu tabs.

3. Select [Add new]

4. When entering in Private Notes, all fields are mandatory.

  • Enter the [Date] the private note is created.
  • Select the [Type] of note it is by selecting from the drop down menu. If you do not see what you are looking for click on [Add new] in blue print below the field.
  • And then add your [Notes]. Notes can be about anything really, i.e. if you are monitoring a situation, a discussion with a raiser, a health or behavior note, breeding or lineage note, a travel request, etc. ). Add as much detail as wanted.
  • Click [Save] once finished.

5. Now your notes will appear in the list on the main private notes page.

Please note that your private notes are only visible to the owner organization. 

6. You can edit or delete a note from the list

          A. Edit by selecting the [Edit] icon (pencil) – the fields shown in #4 will appear. Edit what needs to be edited, and click [Save] when finished.

          B. Delete by clicking on the box to left in the row you wish to delete. This will activate the [Delete] button. Click on [Delete] and confirm on the pop-up window by clicking [OK].

7. You can also add Attachments to Private Notes. Examples would be photos, PDFs, letters, documents, etc.

  •      Click on Attachments Private Notes on the line of the Note you wish to attach it to.

  • Select either [Add new] or [Inline Add] – [Add new] will create a new window, [Inline Add] will add a row/line below with the options to enter.

  • Enter the required fields marked with a red * asterisk
  • Attachment Type – select from the drop down menu
  • Date – enter the date the attachment is being added to private notes.
  • Description – enter a general description you wish to use to let you know easily what the attachment is.
  • Upload the attachment.
  • Click [Save] at the bottom of the screen.