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Health Normals, Add new

A [Health Normals] exam is documenting the occurrence of a healthy physical exam each time it visits the veterinarian for a general exam. The dogs are being examined for any abnormalities in the Blood Lymph, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, GI Exocrine, Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Oncologic, Ophthalmologic, Respiratory, Skin Ears, and Urogenital systems.

These are typically observed in a general physical exam. (i.e., an 8, 12, 16-week puppy visit, or a general annual physical exam).

It is important to document healthy exams, just as it is important to document when a dog is not healthy.

To enter that a dog has been given a ‘normal’ clearance on any of these observations

  1. Search and select the dog’s file, you wish to enter a Health Normals for. (link will be added soon)
  2. Click on the [Show Details] icon
  3. Next, click the [Health Normals] tab.
  1. Select [Inline Add]
  2. Enter the [Date] of the examination and
  3. Select the Veterinarian that did the examination, by typing their name in the field. If they are not in the database, you can click [Add New] to add their information. Ensure you have double checked you are not adding a duplicate entry.
  4. Next you will see a row with 11 checked boxes under the headings for the different systems being examined.

If all systems are *Normal* meaning no disease or infection, or abnormalities were seen on exam, leave the box checked.

If an abnormality is found, for i.e. an 8 week old puppy only has one descended teste. Unclick any item/box that is NOT normal on the exam, so in this example you would uncheck ‘Urogenital’.

7. Click [Save All] just above the date entered, or click the check mark to the far left in the row. IWDR will make a normal diagnoses for each health category left checked.

8. Refresh the screen and you will see them all listed here, as well as populated under Health Diagnoses.

9. Use the tab Health diagnoses to enter any abnormal findings (link to be added soon)
Some examples

If you can’t find a normal diagnosis that you need, please send a ticket to support@iwdr.org and describe what you need with details.