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Updating a Dog’s Foster Carer / Puppy Raiser / Breeding Host

You can update who a dog’s foster carer is In the relevant list (Puppy Raising Active, Breeder Hosting or Early Development).  When you click to edit a dog in one of these lists, use the tab “Place with Foster Carer”:

Make sure the person is already in IWDR (in the menus – “People/Organizations > Our Private People”.

You can indicate if that person has the dog now (which makes that person’s name display on the list page).  This also allows for dogs to have multiple relationships with different people.  

End the relationship by editing and adding an end date when that person is no longer raising the dog.

The types of puppy raisers have been expanded to include the creative ways organizations have adapted to our changing world where volunteers are in shorter supply.

The “Place with Adopter” tab in the Inactive-Adoption menu enables indicating the final placement person for released or retired dogs.

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