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Milestones to track key points in your program

Milestones are available for full functionality users. Milestones enables your organization to indicate which step in various programs your dog is in. These are ideal to track important points along your dogs’ journeys and are completely custom to your own organization.

Creating Milestones

Create your list of the key steps  that a dog can achieve at each stage from neonate through final career or release.  Administrative users have access to create Milestones under:

Manage Our Lists > Milestones Types 

When creating a milestone, you will need to define the program (or stage of the dog’s life) the milestone is applicable to – for example, Puppy Raising, Neonate, Training.

Adding Milestones to dogs

Once milestones have been created by an administrator, users can than add and view milestones through a tab on your dog pages.  The current Milestone the dog has achieved is listed on that dog page.

Within a list of dogs, milestones can easily be viewed and searched for.