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6.2.5 – Rank Litter Phenotype

Rank Litter Phenotype is a subjective rating (by the owner) and is a way to assess the litter and
have impressions of overall quality. This includes a combination of conformation, health
characteristics, and behavior.

The best time to determine this is near the end of the whelp after
puppy testing is completed between 7-8 weeks, and before they go to puppy raisers. This gives
you a good overall litter ranking; based on what you have seen from each puppy up to this
point at birth, during whelp, and also using the test ranking (used to determine distribution).
The ranking should be done by assigning a number, 1 through 12 (or up to the total number of
puppies in the litter) with a simple order of 1 being the strongest overall pup and so on. As well
it should be noted not to separate by sex for this litter ranking. Simply rank straight through
(males and females together).

To enter this field…

Step 1. Go to Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony; Enter Puppies/Edit Whelp Info

Step 2. Go to Puppies Add & Edit of the litter you want to edit.

Step 3. Under each puppy listed go to the [Edit] icon

Step 4. Look for the Rank Litter Phenotype field and enter the rank number in the field (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc.)



Step 5. Click SAVE at bottom of screen.

Repeat for each puppy in litter.

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