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6.1.3 – Enter Multi Sire Litter

  1. When entering a New Estrus, if semen comes from multiple sires during a single estrus, click Multi Sire on the [Estrus & Whelps, Edit] page. Leave the [Sire] field blank for now.

2. After entering Insemination details for each procedure, in the column titled Multi-sire name at end of row, select the sire for that days insemination.


3. After genetic testing is complete, head to

4. And select [Puppies Add & Edit] and then click the [Edit] pencil

5. To add the sire to puppies in a multi-sire litter, go to the sire field and the drop-down list will contain the sires that have been entered in the Estrus Details record for insemination.

6. Click the name of the sire that matches, then hit save.

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