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2.7 – General Functions

The following icons/tips will help you to navigate through different functions of the database.

1. Edit Icon – Allows user to edit information on the dog selected.

2. View Record – Allows user to view a record. Unable to edit in this area.

3. Show Details – Allows user to see more details and add records in different categories.

4. Category Record Counts / Bubbles – When these are shown, they allow the user to access a direct link to those data entries indicated within that category.

4.a. Hover over the category record count/bubble to determine what info is provides, for i.e. in this example the bubble with 25 entries shows it is the health diagnosis.

Categories with numbers 1+ have data recorded to view. If ‘0’ or not shown, there is no viewable data.



5. How to delete an inaccurate or duplicate entry where permissible.

5.a. Where delete permissions are possible, the delete button will appear but inactive.

5.b. To activate, click the empty box of the line you wish to delete. The Delete button will activate and you can then click on it to initiate Delete.

5.c. Confirm Delete by clicking OK button.

5.a.             5.b.          5.c.


6. Multiple puppy litter navigation – used to help user navigate/move to the next puppy without going back to main page.

6.a. After selecting the first puppy [Edit] icon. Move to the next puppy in the list by using the arrow button at the bottom of the page.

6.b. To reset, click the reset button (three lines, up arrow) also at bottom of the page.

     6.a.       6.b.

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