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6.1.5 – Litter Designation

Litter Designation

With the large number of IBC litters born, to track appropriately it is important the ‘Litter Designation’ of each litter is entered correctly.  The sequence of the following litters born afterwards will carry on from the previous litter and so on. Organizations can also choose to have their own litter designations and track their own litters this way, however if the litter is an IBC litter this designation should be listed first.

To locate the previous Litter Designations and to determine what your litter designation will be…

a. In [Estrus & Whelps] quick link or [Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony / Enter New Estrus & Whelp] from the main menu. Click on Show Details Icon  in the row of the Dam you wish to edit.

b. Find the Litters List; ABCLitters List, EBCLitters List, or OBCLitters List, depending what region you are in.

c. Find the column titled [Litter], look for the last designation entered. Typically, the litter designation number at the top is the most recent litter/highest number, but that may not always be the case. So, ensure you look at the full list to determine the highest number. Your litter will be the next number in the sequence, so you would enter the next appropriate letter and number combination in the record you are editing (your litter).

d. Please contact an IWDR Associate Facilitator for help with this if you have any questions.

When recording IBC litter designations… 

a. Go to [Estrus, Puppies, Breeding Colony], [Enter New Estrus & Whelp]

b. Select Edit Icon

c. Scroll down to where the section says [Whelp Information]

d. Enter the Whelp Date

e. Enter the Litter designation


As shown in the above example…

i. First enter the region (ABC, EBC, or OBC) the litter was born to

ii. Followed by the year (4-digit) the litter was born

iii. Insert a 2-digit breed code for the corresponding breed (i.e., Labrador Retriever = LR, Golden retriever = GR, Labrador/golden cross = LG Labrador Bernese cross = LB)

iv. Followed by the litter number for the current year. The numerical placeholder is 3 digits (e.g., 030 rather than 30). This is done to accommodate up to 100+ litters in a year. (The 3-digit number entered should be the next number in the sequence from the Litter Designations ‘Litter List’. As shown above on where to find that.)

For litter designations for individual organizations, you can choose whatever combination of letters and numbers desired for your own colony.


  • When entering both IBC and individual organization litter designations, they will need to be separated by a semicolon. We need the semi colon to separate the two so that we can search each ID individually.
  • As well, the IBC designation should always show first, followed by the organization’s designation.
  • A correct entry with both designations listed will look like this: ABC2021LR048; PADS2021LR139
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